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Explosion proof drum lid vacuum - air powered anti static drum lid vacuum for flammable fluids

48 cfm model anti static drum lid vacuum cleaner

explosion proof vacuum 48 cfm

This air powered explosion proof drum lid vacuum attaches to a steel drum and turns the drum into a powerful wet only explosion proof vacuum.


With the the twin reverse thruster venturi's, this unit has massive power which delivers impressive performance. The vacuum of choice for many offshore rigs and gas platforms. Safe and powerful.


The Spillrite Drum Lid Vac can be configured in a variety of power settings. The most powerful is 180 cfm of compressed air.

The DLV units are also designed to be able to reverse pump out fluid. Through the unique design of the venturi's there is no possibility of the drum over pressurising as all excess pressure is released through the thoat of the venturi. 


When the lock band is secured, the lid and the drum become grounded to the earth and provide a complete circuit which will release any build up of static electricity. This explosion proof vacuum is widely used within the gas and oil industry.

explosion proof vacuum - air powered

explosion proof vacuum cleaner

each unit has reverse pump out facility which does not allow over poressurising of the drum through the non mechanical design

explosion proof vacuum cleaner

there are no ignition sources or heating elements and the unit is made from non sparking materials

explosion proof vacuum cleaner

when the drum lid vacuum is attached to the steel drum and placed on the ground the whole unit is earthed and grounded

explosion proof vacuum cleaner

each unit is supplied with anti static components and accessories

explosion proof vacuum cleaner

each unit is supplioed with explosion proof anti static hose

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