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explosive and combustible dust vacuum - explosion proof pneumatic vacuums

Combustible dust and explosive dry waste can pose a real risk to warehouses, factory floors and those manufacturing plants that produce various products that can have explosive dusts like flours, grains, sugars and carbon as by-products.

Spillrite vacuums Australia's range of explosive and combustible dust vacuums are pneumatic air powered. These explosion proof vacuums are capable of recovering combustible dusts and powders.

explosive dust vacuum

The drum top vacuum above is an industrial explsoion proof vacuum that has been designed to suit all steel drums. The steel lid with the pneumatic power head attached sits on top of the drum and creates a vacuum within the drum turning it into a powerful explosion proof vacuum. 

Drum Top Vacs Explosion proof vacuum and explosion proof vacuums are generally most effective when they are air powered as there are no heat generating sources or ignition sources.

Vacteck and Spillrite design and manufacturea range of explosion proof air powered vacuums for many companies and industries. The Australian Defence department choose our range of vacuums for their facilities right around Australia and our vacuums have NATO certification.

Now certified with the Australian Defence Force and with NATO forces worldwide as the choice for anti-static explosion proof vacuum system.

ADF order number:     N Cage number ZOJH2

Nato Stock Code number: NSN 7910-66-158-5157    (Vacuum cleaner pneumatic)

drum-top-vac-series-sound-supression The new Drum Top Vac from Spillrite/Vacteck has an upgraded sound supression system making this air powered vacuum a valuable tool for your factory or workshop.