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Explosion proof vacuum cleaner - Spillmaster

The Spillmaster range of explosion proof vacuum cleaners are Australian made and come a huge range. Both wet and dry and reverse pump out models. The power consumption of these explosion proof vacuum cleaners can be as low as 20 cfm and go as high as 200 cfm.

Spillmaster explosion proof vacuum cleaner

The Spillmaster explosion proof vacuum was designed to provide a solution to industry that needed a strong vacuum unit with a large waste trap, a 200 litre capacity and the ability to be wet and dry and also reverse pump out if need be. The Spillmaster range is all of that and more.

This mobile vacuum cleaner can be used as a powerful spill control system or a general hazardous waste vacuum.

The Spillmaster 200 litre tank  wet only reverse pump out model above.  
explosion proof vacuum 60 litre

The Spillmasters can be configured from 20 cfm to 200 cfm depending on what type of waste is being recovered.

  • flammable fluid
  • fuels and oils
  • combustible dusts
  • combustible powders

anti static explosion proof

explosion proof suction hose

explosion proof non sparking vacuum cleaner

explosion proof reverse pump out vacuum cleaner


60 litre Spillmaster unit.  
explosion proof vacuum cleaner - Spillmaster 100 litre tank

explosion proof vacuums - choose your power level

Each Spillmaster can be configured a number of ways to suit each application.

for wet only with reverse pump out;

  • 20 cfm - vacuum fluid 5 metre hose
  • 30cfm - vacuum spills 5 metre hose
  • 40 cfm vacuum spills 10 metre hose
  • 80 cfm vacuum spills 20 metre hose
  • 100 cfm vacuum spills 30 metre hose
  • 180 cfm vacuum spills, sludge, oils, muds and any solids suspended in fluid - 40 metre hose


for wet and dry ( no reverse pump out);

  • 60 cfm - vacuum wet and dry 15 metre hose
  • 120 cfm - vacuum wet and dry 20 metre hose
  • 200 cfm - vacuum wet and dry 30 metre hose
100 litre tank Spillmaster Explosion proof vacuum cleaner